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Green Energy Stupidity Coming To Colorado Thanks To Progressive Democrats And Weak Governor

wind-powerColorado Governor John Hickenlooper and the progressive Democrats in control of our state legislature, passed Senate Bill 252 which will increase costs for rural Colorado, bringing the increasing costs of the green energy stupidity to Colorado.

This isn’t about green energy, it’s about stupidity.

All we have to do is recognize the rest of the world is waking up to this stupidity.

Yesterday Angela Merkel warned that green energy policies are weakening Germany’s competitive advantage in the global economy.

Germany, like the rest of Europe, is paying a lot more for electricity today than it did seven years ago. The country has made large investments in solar and wind power, more expensive energy sources than oil and gas.

Meanwhile, the US has seen its electricity costs fall and is poaching industry from green-loving Europe. As the WSJ reports, that has Merkel worried:

Traditional energy providers have been stepping up the heat on Ms. Merkel’s center-right government. On Monday, Germany’s biggest energy industry group said that the next government must make overhauling energy policy a top priority. Speaking at an energy conference in Berlin, Ms. Merkel said she still supports further expansion of renewable energy such as wind and solar power to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. But she said the costs need to be contained as global rivals are benefiting from lower energy prices.

Merkel gave little detail to her commitment to turn things around, but it has been clear for a while that Germany’s energy policy, as currently formulated, isn’t working.

So what do we do in Colorado? We go right down this same path, all in the name of green energy.

The progressive mindset of too many people in Colorado are turning us into California. Too bad we don’t have a Merkel to recognize the folly of their policies.

Hickenlooper and the Democrats don’t care. They just want to pick winners and losers, and in this case, the losers are Colorado’s rural citizens, farmers and small businesses. Ultimately, that means we’re all losers.

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