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If you’re on the dole, you shouldn’t be on the pole

stripclub_strip_club_adult_sexual-affairs_infidelity_cheating_husbands…so says Colorado State Representative Lois Landgraf (R-Fountain) when offering again an amendment to prevent welfare recipients from using their EBT cards at strip clubs or liquor stores. So Colorado’s dole will grow and we’ll continue down the hole, of insolvency.

Late Thursday night Democrats in the Colorado House of Representatives (the same group that gave us some absurd gun control laws) found another excuse to protect the hard-working taxpayers of this country that finance the bloated social welfare system.

In an another example of Democrats assuming the rest of us are too stupid to see through their blatant pandering to people receiving welfare benefits (can you even use that phrase anymore, or is it too politically incorrect, too?) one State Representative justified allowing people to get cash at strip clubs and liquor stores this way:

That was too much for Rep. Jenise May, D-Aurora, who told her colleagues she works in a poor part of town where there are no banks or grocery stores close by and some constituent don’t have cars. She said they withdraw their welfare benefits from a strip club or liquor store ATM because it is close to their home.

I’d like to see that part of town where there are no convenience stores, no gas stations, a “desert of ATM’s” as Michelle Obama might refer to it.

Actually, what we should do, in keeping with the First Lady’s concerns about “food deserts” is just require banks to install ATM’s in these neighborhoods. The banks would get fees off the withdrawals, and then the recipients who want to use their cash at strip clubs and liquor stores could do so freely, without embarrassment, shame or even worrying about whether the people providing them benefits would even notice.

Of course, I’m kidding.

We tried to used debit cards during Katrina as a way to get statutorily-mandated benefits to disaster victims as quickly as possible and were vilified and excoriated when those same debit cards started showing up at strip clubs and liquor stores.

So why the double standard?

At least one Democrat in Colorado joined with the Republicans in trying to stop this abuse and that person should be congratulated for having the integrity to be opposed to taxpayers being ripped off, regardless of party affiliation. Thank you, Representative Dan Pabon, for doing the right thing.

Now, go talk to your other Democratic colleagues.

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