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Colorado Legislative Decision-Making: Stick Your Finger In The Wind

bob-dylan-harmonicaKilling the death penalty in Colorado died a strange death today. It was a victim of the Colorado legislative decision-making process: stick your finger in the air to see which way the wind blows. Sorry, Bob.

Colorado Peak Politics reported recently that Governor Hickenlooper wasn’t certain how he felt about repeal of the death penalty. He expressed concern that there were still a lot of people “out there” that supported it. Which of course begs the question, why aren’t you concerned about the people “out there” that support the 2nd Amendment and oppose your gun control legislation.

How bad is Hickenlooper’s indecisive decision making? 9News’ Kyle Clark sent this tweet out about the Governor’s position on the death penalty:

One can only conclude that Colorado Democrats must take their lead from this kind of decision-making, considering this Associated Press report on the demise of the death penalty’s repeal:

A proposal to repeal the death penalty in Colorado failed Tuesday, as Democrats wavered in their support of the bill because of uncertainty about whether Gov. John Hickenlooper would sign the measure.

“In my heart, this is absolutely the right thing to do. I know we should repeal the death penalty,” said Democratic Rep. Lois Court.

“I also know that the governor has publicly said that he is struggling with it, and that he is not confident the people of Colorado are comfortable with this approach at this point,” she added.

Having the courage of their convictions isn’t exactly a strong suit among Colorado Democrats this year.

If you’re for repeal of the death penalty, but the Governor needs to check with “the people” first, then by all means, they’ll kill the measure.

But if you’re for restricting the rights of people to keep and bear arms, who cares what the people think? The Governor wants to restrict those rights to the bills get passed.

Stick your finger in the wind. Not to see what voters want, but to see whether the Governor has stuck his finger in the wind yet to figure out what he believes.


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