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White Privilege? Racism? How About Ignorance.

Tagg Romney was asked about his frustration with President Obama calling his father a liar. He responded as any normal son would. Listen to the exchange:

Why do I bring this up?

Some have said that it is an example of “white privilege” and that his statements were “racist.”

What if the tables were turned, for instance, and a black relative of Obama threatened to punch Romney. I’m told by liberals that conservatives would shriek racism.

I call BS.

This isn’t about racism, directly or indirectly, implicitly or otherwise.

This is about a son who is tired of his father being called a liar.

I am sick and tired of people hiding behind concepts like white privilege and racism.

Those who scream and find racism in everything are, inherently, racist themselves. They see things only through the prism of race, not humanity.

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