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Sabre Rattling In Jordan, Liberals Silent.

The headline was simple enough: Panetta: US Sends Forces To Jordan.

But the silence was deafening.

After listening to a radio talk show host complain about Mitt Romney’s foreign policy speech at VMI, constantly characterizing it as “sabre rattling” I expected to hear some objection to Secretary Panetta’s decision to send U.S. troops to Jordan, along the Syrian border.

What is it about this double standard?

So far we’ve reached the 2000th death milestone in Afghanistan, to silence.

We’ve had Netanyahu’s concern about Iran met with, disdain.

Baghdad and Iraq in general are being re-infiltrated by al-Qaeda and, nobody cares.

We’ve had an honest-to-goodness Watergate style coverup about the 9/11 attacks on our consulate in Libya, and the press ignores it.

So I’d simply like to ask, when will we start hearing objections about the lack of any discussion over putting troops in Jordan?

Whether you think putting troops in Jordan to help stem the flow of refugees from Syria is a good idea or not, don’t you think we should have at least had a discussion about it?

I realize there is a Presidential campaign going on, but nonetheless Barack Obama is still the Commander-in-Chief. In what is hopefully his last few months in office, could we not at least get some discussion about the issue?

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