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Obama Disses FEMA Employees & Plays Race Card

I’m fed up with the allegations of racism in the response to Hurricane Katrina. The Daily Caller has released a 2007 speech of then-Senator Obama claiming that the response to the disaster was racist – that certain waivers given in other disasters were not given to Louisiana.

He is not only factually wrong, but he disses the men and women of FEMA who work tirelessly for disaster victims.

I would estimate that most of the civil servants working for FEMA are liberal-leaning or Democrats. So he’s dissing not only real people doing serious work, oftentimes he’s dissing members of his own political party.

But politics aside, I can assure you that these people don’t care whether a disaster victim is black, white, red, green or purple. They don’t care if they’re Republican, Democratic or, whatever.

I received an email from a Politico reporter today. Here is our email exchange:

On Oct 3, 2012, at 12:59 PM, Bobby Cervantes wrote:
Name: Bobby Cervantes

Email: xxxxxxxx@politico.com

Message: I\’m a reporter with POLITICO trying to get a hold of Mr. Brown to see if he\’d like to comment on the 2007 Obama video that the Daily Caller and other conservative media wrote about yesterday, focusing specifically on Obama\’s Katrina criticisms of the Bush administration? Please get back to me either way. Thanks.

Bobby Cervantes

I replied:

Bobby….by chance are you in Denver today?

I’m broadcasting live from the campus starting in about 20 minutes.

Insofar as a comment if we can’t talk directly here’s a quote for you:

“I call total BS on the President’s comments about Katrina. Not only did we waive the state/local share for Ground Zero after 9/11 we also did the same for the Hurricane Katrina disaster. He needs to get his facts straight and stop playing the race card with Katrina. The men and women of FEMA work tirelessly for disaster victims regardless of race, political affiliation or any other category he wants to lump people into.”


Here’s the Politico story.

Mr. Obama, stop playing the race card. It’s beneath the Presidency and an affront to the people who work at FEMA.

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