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Joe Biden and Paul Ryan Debate. Can’t We Do Better?

Just finished watching the Vice Presidential debate between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan. I wish I could get those 90 minutes back. And before you read any further, just be aware this post isn’t about who won or lost between those two. It is about the media and the politicians who deliver these debates to us.

I know it would be unrealistic to expect anything different, but do we really need a 90 minute debate like what we just watched to decide which party to vote for this November?

Martha Raddatz was awful, but expectedly so. After all, she is a pawn in the media system that is solely concerned about revenue and influence. Not that there’s anything wrong with either. They need to make money, and everyone wants to be influential.

But I think the media could be more influential if they weren’t so biased. Actually, I think their revenues would soar if they at least appeared to be unbiased (see Fox News for example).

But watching this tonight I’ve concluded that this symbiotic relationship between politicians and media is ruining our belittling our system. Let’s get the debates off network and cable stations and let C-SPAN carry these – with up to three or four hours available (of course, give the politicians bathroom breaks).

Imagine a three or four-hour marathon of real debate and discussion. You could tune in or out at leisure. You could DVR the whole thing and watch it over a weekend. And if you had a moderator that was more concerned about just moderating the on-going debate between the two candidates, we might get some substance.

Maybe I’m just tired after watching this latest farce, but somehow we need to do something different.

Mark my words – tomorrow’s analysis of the VP debate will be about Biden’s interruptions, rudeness and goofy facial expressions, and how Paul Ryan didn’t fight back hard enough.

Never mind the obfuscations, lies, misstatements.

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2 Responses to “Joe Biden and Paul Ryan Debate. Can’t We Do Better?”

  1. Josh #

    I take it you did not like the follow up question on specifics of how a 10 percent increase on defense spending and a 20 percent across the board tax cut is going to lower the deficit.

    I also take it that you did not care for the follow up on what specific tax loopholes would be eliminated.

    If Romney and Ryan are not lying about their economic plan why won’t they give any details on what specific loopholes they plan on eliminating to make up for the tax cuts and defense spending increases?

    I think that moderator did a good job on this debate, Romney and Ryan should not be allowed to lie and deceive their way into office unchallenged, they have a plan, lets here specifically who is going to pay for it!!!

    October 12, 2012 at 8:02 pm
  2. Mav #

    Sheriff Joe was sneering at America last night at every single citizen.
    Two words – TERM LIMITS.
    Please help Joe find a home in the private world and send him packing so our nation can begin the recourse of American Exceptionalism.

    October 12, 2012 at 8:51 pm