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Hate Speech Is Free Speech. Madonna Shows Us The Dangers of Political Correctness.

Hate speech has always bothered me because of one simple question: who gets to define hate speech? Hate speech as an outgrowth of political correctness is now the catcall of Muslims, moderate or otherwise, as the guise for limitations on speech that might offend their prophet. Madonna gives us an insightful look into how that political correctness will work for you and me.

In a story reported today Madonna has decided against wearing a Muslim bridal gown in an upcoming music video over fears for her own personal safety.

Really? She didn’t seem too concerned about singing from a crucifix with her own crown of thorns. While objections may be voiced by Christians who find her act offensive, she apparently wasn’t so fearful of Christians that she opted not to sing from the crucifix.

According to today’s report Madonna has decided against wearing a Muslim bridal dress, a combination of a traditional Iraqi bridal veil and a U.S. soldier’s uniform, in her new music video after being convinced by her advisers to give the outfit a miss for her own safety. Madonna has decided against wearing a Muslim bridal dress in her new music video over fears for her safety.

The most revealing part of the story is this:

A source said: ”Madonna had the outfit ready to go. She was really proud of it and said it was her ‘Terror Bride’ costume. She had paraded around in it and said she was going to wear it in her next music video. At first when people started telling her it was madness she just brushed it off. But when they mentioned that her actions could put her life at risk she decided to ditch it from her video and certainly won’t be wearing it on stage.

Ah, political correctness. Seems it is alright to mock Christianity, but mocking Islam is a different story.

While I might be offended by Madonna’s singing from a crucifix, adorned with a crown of thorns, I support her right to do so, just as I support my right to not buy tickets to her concerts or buy her music. But in the world of Islam, despite the protestations of some who claim to be moderate, an effort continues to criminalize this “hate” speech:

Destroy the anti-Islam film ‘Innocence of Muslims’ produced in US and punish the producer and co-producer at the earliest,” demanded Maulana Dr.Mufti M.Mukarram Ahmed in his Friday Sermon at historical Fatehpuri Mosque here.

Terming the film as an “intolerable crime”, he condemned the blasphemous movie which had hurt the sentiments of the Muslims across the world.

The problem with Islam’s reaction to the infamous Mohammed movie, is that they alone decide what is blasphemous, offensive or hateful. If Islam gets to choose what speech they can object to, who exactly decides that? If Christians were to say what is blasphemous and therefore illegal, who would decide that for Christians? You? Me? A committee?

I don’t want my First Amendment rights determined by anyone except me.

If I libel or slander someone, we have a judicial system to deal with that.

Otherwise, I should be free to criticize or blasphemy whomever, whatever, I choose.

If we start to limit speech with respect to religion, then political speech will be next.

And that will create a government that tells you what you can think or say.

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3 Responses to “Hate Speech Is Free Speech. Madonna Shows Us The Dangers of Political Correctness.”

  1. Jim #


    I find this type of thing to be against every cell in my body. I fought for our right to have the 1st, 2nd…ok, all of the Constitution and Amendments. As you asked more than once…who has the right to tell ME and YOU what it is you are allowed to say?!

    You speak of TSA and obviously this subject with an impunity that many nations and people of other nations will never know!

    The madness of this society to bend to the will of so many others must STOP! Our “Greatest Generation” must be rolling in their graves. I know I would be!

    I AM OFFENDED at how the Islamic Brothers call me “blasphemous” for believing what it is I believe in. Why is my offense NOT HEARD? I’m down cowing down to these people! They have their religion, I have mine. I leave them alone…why can they not leave me and my religion alone?

    October 8, 2012 at 1:31 pm
  2. Jim #

    *** I’m done cowing down to these people!

    October 8, 2012 at 1:36 pm
  3. Josh #

    Turns out Madonna’s top priorities are money, and her own personal safety. Her supposed “art” is rightly exposed in this light. She has always been highly enthusiastic to blaspheme and denigrate Christians for their social agenda, but she is very careful not to offend radical islamist who make it policy of their societies to beat non conformist subordinate women in the street.


    The examination of the hypocrisy displayed in most circles of modern art is far more interesting than the actual artwork produced by the supposed artist. From materialism to human rights and religion, too often modern art is shamefully hypocritical and woefully self indulgent.

    October 8, 2012 at 5:06 pm