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Ari Armstrong’s Free Colorado Letter To His Westminster Neighbors

Freedom and liberty are difficult. All too often we clamor for security in a world that seems so upside down, so evil, so threatening.

And sometimes, someone else says something better, or is closer to a situation, and can better articulate a perspective that many of us might not have, either because of distance, disengagement or discouragement.

Ari Armstrong writes from a libertarian, freedom-based perspective at his site, Ari Armstrong’s Free Colorado.

Today, he captured something that in the midst of a horrible story, we need to consider and think about.

You have probably read that a suspect is in custody in the Jessica Ridgeway kidnapping and murder case. If not, you can read about that here.

But, as Ari so thoughtfully writes, we need to consider our reaction to this case:

Although we read about horrific crimes daily in the paper, this crime struck close to home. I have taken my nephews to play at Witt Elementary, the very school that Jessica attended. My wife and I vote at that school. My wife has walked alone on the very trails where a man tried to abduct a woman earlier in the year—the same man police suspect is responsible for Jessica’s murder.

We all want the perpetrator caught.

But not all means are justified toward that end.

When a neighbor told me that police asked to search her house, without cause, merely as part of a fishing expedition, I was surprised. I was proud of her for respectfully declining.

That’s gutsy – and right.

Do me a favor, go over to his site and read the entire article here.

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