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TSA. The Keystone Cops. Just More Dangerous.

I know that many of you think I have a perverted obsession with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Maybe I do. Before we get into the latest story about TSA, consider the following.

1. TSA is not a law enforcement agency. They cannot arrest you. That is why if or when you have an encounter with the TSA that might result in your arrest or detainment, local law enforcement is called.

2. TSA was originally conceived to provide a substitute screening service for the previously private screeners at airports.

3. TSA was never intended to be unionized. It now is.

4. TSA continues to exhibit mission creep, now performing their kabuki security procedures at bus depots, train stations, truck stops, political events and God-knows-where-else in the near future.

5. TSA now sees itself as successful when it finds someone with a false driver’s license.

6. And, finally, most people don’t realize this, but you don’t need a valid ID to board a commercial airliner and fly. TSA says so.

So other than that, why do I think TSA is a very dangerous organization to liberty?

The TSA engages in the most egregious behavior on a regular basis. Think about how you are placed in a frisk position, hands over head, legs spread, just as if you had been stopped by a law enforcement officer.

Now comes the latest. Just like good little robots, we are now being told to randomly stop in place. Watch this video:

Imagine this kind of behavior occurring anywhere else in the public. We would be outraged. On what reasonable basis could a non-law enforcement government employee simply command people to stop and stand in place?

Even if a security breach occurred at an active airport, TSA would not be able to stop-in-place every traveler from moving. They don’t have enough personnel. Passengers might be in restrooms. What are they to do? Stay glued to the toilet?

This is simply another tactic of “training” Americans to be obedient without question.

So go ahead, call me a little overwrought on the subject. And then tell me how you feel the first time some bureaucrat with a fake badge tells you to stop and stand in place.

May we see your papers, please?

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