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The Abdication Of Compassion To The Government We All Belong To

I’ve heard an awful lot from both political parties about compassion.

Michelle Obama spoke last night about the all the ways she and Barack Obama “suffered” during the early years, the worn-out car, the loans, the problems they faced. I heard the same thing from Ann Romney. She spoke of the early days of their marriage and eating on the ironing-board-turned-dining-table. Somehow they are trying to show compassion toward those who suffer in everyday life.

Well guess what, ladies? We’ve all gone through tough times and your experience is no different than most if not all Americans. We all suffer through tough times and I can assure you, those times are not pleasant. What bothers me about all this talk about destitute beginnings, tough times, the need for compassion, is the question of who provides that compassion?

I fear that more and more Americans believe the government is the one to offer compassion and sustenance during difficult times. Although now disavowing any relationship to the creators, the Democratic National Convention played a video at the beginning of their convention which said we all belong to the government. Here’s the excerpt:

I don’t belong to a government. I am a citizen of the United States and the government belongs to and is accountable to me – and you. The DNC and the creators of this video have it backassward. It is, however, indicative of the attitude that compassion is the responsibility of the government. Listen to Michelle Obama’s speech to the DNC last night and all you heard were calls for more government intervention, more government programs, more government “compassion.” Prior to her speech they played a video of Michelle Obama that included this:

Notice how she equates the suffering of others with the dissatisfaction with our own success: if any family “struggles” then we can’t be content with our own family’s success because that’s not who we are. First I would question the use of the word struggles. In her context she denigrates the word. Struggles are a far cry from destitution or poverty. Second, in the context of the speech she gave following this video, the government becomes the arbiter of compassion – taking from the success of one family to help with the struggles of another family.

From French Utopians to Marxist socialism, the idea “each according to his ability, to each according to his needs” is pure and simple a prescription for subservience to government, the antithesis of the Foundations of this Nation. But that is what is being preached.

It is easy to succumb to the emotion of people suffering, that somehow a giant and benevolent bureaucracy can be compassionate. Frankly, I think it is intellectually and emotionally lazy. How easy is it for us to abdicate our personal obligation to be compassionate to a distant and impersonal government? We can simply let someone else do the dirty work of being compassionate if we let the government do it.

The world is being turned upside down by Barack Obama and those who believe in this utopian vision of no one struggling, of everyone pitching in. But it is a world in which freedom and liberty take a back seat to a monolithic government that picks winners and losers, that decides who from each according to his ability to each according to his need.

And the ones that will make that determination? Well, that’s the ruling class, and the rules won’t apply to them.

Take responsibility for your compassion, don’t let the government take even that from you, too.

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