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Political Correctness At Denver International Airport

Tracing the origins of a story often leads to unexpected gems of surprise. Such is the case with a story that appeared last week in Colorado Peak Politics about a Muslim prayer room at Denver International Airport. They reported:

Islamic supremacism at Denver Airport: Muslim prayer room separate from Christians and Jews
One prayer room for Muslims and another for kuffar and infidels. That is Islamic supremacism in America. In an airport built with taxpayer money.

Irritating enough. After all, if a prayer room exists at a publicly funded facility such as an airport, why isn’t there one ecumenical room available for all faiths to use, subject to scheduling or other administrative restrictions? Having such a prayer room seems traditional and acceptable as long as it is available for all faiths and there is an objective method to control the use of the room by various people or groups.

The fact that two prayer rooms exist, one for Christians and Jews and another for Muslims, is outrageous. Colorado Peak reports that indeed the rooms are “leased” by an interfaith council:

The airport chapel was paid for by DIA Interfaith Chapel Inc., which is composed of Christians, Jews and Muslims. One room is for Muslims and the other for Christians and Jews. The organization leases the space.
The chapel is often used by religious groups passing through or going on pilgrimages, and occasionally for a wedding or memorial service of an airline or airport employee, Kaye said.

So even the “interfaith” council believes in separate but equal? The interfaith council can’t actually promote “interfaith” by having Christians, Jews and Muslims share the same space?

But the story gets better the deeper you dig into it.

The Creeping Sharia blog first reported the story, which you can read here, citing an ABC News story, which I then tracked down. Apparently the genesis of the reporting on the so-called “interfaith” room started when a passenger complained about a public announcement about the start of a Catholic service in the interfaith chapel. The traveler complained that the announcement violated the First Amendment’s establishment and free exercise clauses. Well, actually, the traveler just complained that the announcement violated the separation of church and state.

So what this story really involves is a prayer room “leased” by an interfaith council that doesn’t really believe in interfaith cooperation because Muslims can’t use the same room as the rest of us even on different days and times and a traveler is upset that a public announcement is given that a Catholic mass was about to start at the so-called interfaith chapel.

This is political correctness and intolerance at its mightiest. I can’t help but wonder if the traveler would have objected about an announcement giving Islamic prayer times for the interfaith chapel? I can’t help but wonder how “interfaith” is separate but equal by having a separate room for Muslims so they don’t have to dirty themselves by sharing a room that a Jew or Christian might have used. And I wonder why, if all faiths are permitted to lease the room, how it can violate the First Amendment’s establishment clause when any faith can use the prayer room.

Political correctness and intolerance reign supreme at Denver International Airport.

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6 Responses to “Political Correctness At Denver International Airport”

  1. Rigo #

    A bit much there Mike. I agree with you about the story and the point you are trying to make. But saying that “political correctness and intolerance” reign supreme in an institution that employs 30,000 people of all ethnic and religious backgrounds is a bit much.

    I would say a single prayer room is fine, and if an individual needs privacy to pray, they can go to some of the quiet corners in the airport (yes, some do exist!) and pray there with the expectation that they are doing so in a public space.

    Have a good day!

    September 10, 2012 at 11:08 am
    • OK, Rigo, how about this: political correctness infects DIA just like most other public institutions. Better?

      September 10, 2012 at 1:38 pm
      • Rigo #

        I find that to be more in line with the kind of reporting that you do, one that I respect as being factual and informational without having to be sensationalistic. I respect the work you do, and appreciate having a solid source for these kinds of stories.

        Keep it up!

        Bummed I can’t listen to you at work anymore since for some reason 630khows’ signal seems to be unable to penetrate the walls of a retail establishment and I don’t have the money to afford a data plan to listen live on Iheartradio.

        September 10, 2012 at 2:51 pm
        • Gracias! FYI if you have access to a computer at work you can stream us live at http://www.brownsirota.com


          September 10, 2012 at 3:02 pm
          • Rigo #

            I’ll be off today and tomorrow, so I’ll be indulging on some live-radio listening for once.

            Hear ya later!

            September 10, 2012 at 3:05 pm
  2. Mike Hyde #

    The doctrine of “political correctness” is one that is born out of the roots of marxism and communism. This is absolutely disgusting the way with which the left in this country has made it one of their top priorities in their relentless pursuit to admonish and if not overtly attempt to destroy the Christian and Jewish values upon which this country was founded.

    People may wish to call me a hate mongerer, but Islam is an evil so great, most people cannot comprehend it. It is a system that wraps the political, the secular, education, and legal all into one. It is barbaric and well beyond horrific in its medieval approach to life and how it should be lived. Women are dehumanized by it, not glorified as they claim.

    September 11, 2012 at 7:38 am