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Farm Bill Proves Republicans Need To Learn We Have A Spending Problem

“No Man’s life liberty or property is safe while the legislature is in session”. Long attributed to Mark Twain and various other nationally prominent humorists, the quote is actually the invention of Judge Gideon Tucker, formerly of the New York legislature. Unfortunately, the quote is true whether Republicans or Democrats control Congress.

In this case, it seems Republicans haven’t figured out that we have a spending problem in the United States.

And proof of that ignorance is clear in the Farm Bill, a sacred cow (no pun intended) to farm belt legislators from both sides of the aisle.

Proof that Congressional inaction during this election is a good thing is evidenced by the Farm Bill, currently held up in Congress. According to the Wall Street Journal Republicans just don’t get it when it comes to any semblance of spending reductions. The current farm bill increases spending by 60% over 2008 levels, and not all of that is attributed to Barack Obama’s extraordinary increases in Food Stamp outlays:

That’s because despite Agriculture Chairman Frank Lucas’s assurances that his product is “fiscally responsible,” the House farm bill authorizes a nearly 60% increase in spending over 2008 levels. Some of that money goes to new crop entitlement programs, although nearly 80% would finance Mr. Obama’s soaring food-stamp program at historic levels.

Frank Lucas, Chairman of the House Agriculture Committee, and a conservative Oklahoma Republican, is a friend of mine. Nevertheless, he, along with the remainder of the Committee, need to recognize that we are spending ourselves into oblivion. More than 40% of those funds scheduled to be spent under that bill will need to be borrowed – from foreign sources or from bonds sold to the Federal Reserve.

If Republicans can’t reduce spending, or even maintain a baseline level of spending, then it really won’t make much difference who wins this November. Republicans or Democrats will just keep spending until at some point interest rates start to rise, inflation kicks in, or we just fall off the fiscal cliff.

Come on, Republicans, wake up and quit spending money.

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2 Responses to “Farm Bill Proves Republicans Need To Learn We Have A Spending Problem”

  1. Maverick #

    Big spenders have one foot residing in fantasyland, as the other foot is ready to follow with the homestead act, a.k.a. Free Soil.

    “We just make up the rules as we go along” – Democratic Congressman Alcee Hastings

    September 18, 2012 at 10:42 am
  2. Lush Limbaugh #

    You know why the republicans have changed their tune on farm bills right? Because now the main beneficiary of farm bills are mega multinational corporations who run genetically modified factory farms. Corporations like Monsanto who have litigated thousands of homesteaded farming families off of their families land. Research it folks, most of your audience Mr Brown would be sick and never support the Republican agenda again if they knew what was going on in farm country.

    So are these farm bill beneficiaries a part of the 47 percent who will never vote for Romney because they are on the government take? Or is there a Republican percentage that are benefiting from government handouts?

    There are, its the folks who founded the tea party, namely the billionaire Koch brothers and their friends. Its the private sector businesses that receive Hugh government subsidies, like Monsanto, Tyson, Del Monte, GE, Exon, BP,and Halliburton. They receive larger and larger subsidies, reduce their number of employees and pay the rest of their employees lower and lower wages. This makes record profits on which they pay low or no taxes.

    Romney and the Republicans always talk a good game on Government spending, then they pass the bills that sign the government checks to themselves and their corporate buddies, then hide the profits off shore so that their subsidies cannot be taxed.

    September 18, 2012 at 12:06 pm