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Arab Spring Turns Into American Winter. Morsi Condemns Freedom.

If you don’t believe that freedom is a fragile commodity, and that our freedom is a threat to despots around the world, consider the speech today by Egypt’s newly “elected” President Morsi. This despot used his first speech at the United Nations to demand curbs on Western free speech rights and “an end to all forms of occupation of Arab lands.”

Morsi also used his U.S. speech to push his revolutionary mix of Islamic and progressive demands that Israel be stripped of its nuclear weapons, that other countries bring down Syria’s government, that oil-rich Arab countries transfer wealth to poor Arabs countries and Western countries transfer aid and technology to Egypt’s government and poverty-stricken population.

Much of his emphasis was on Israel. “My duty [is] to support our Palestinian brothers and sisters … [by] putting an end to all forms of occupation of Arab lands,” he said in the speech.

“I call for immediate, serious movement, as of now, to put an end to colonization, occupation and settlements and the alteration in the identity of occupied Jerusalem,” he said, not specifying whether he considered all of Israel, or only the West Bank, to be occupied territory. [...]

Morsi began his speech with Islamic invocations.

“In the name of Allah, the compassionate, the merciful … [and of] the prophet whom we love and follow. … We stand opposed to those who oppose him and his way,” he said.

He called for “a new global economic governance,” an international arms control treaty to strip Israel of its nuclear weapons and for curbs on free speech by Americans and Europeans.

That demand for free speech curbs began with Islamic claims.

“What Muslims and [Muslim] migrants are going through in a number of countries … [such as] vicious campaigns against what they hold sacred, is unacceptable,” he declared.

Wake up everyone. This Arab Spring that Obama was so excited about is nothing more than a facade for a radical Islamic state, a threat to Israel, and further restriction of freedom in Egypt.

We have ourselves to blame for this.

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