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Political Correctness And The Mission Of The Military

Political correctness has no role in the military. The United States military’s mission is well-defined:

The mission of the Department of Defense is to provide the military forces needed to deter war and to protect the security of our country. . .

Civilian control over the U.S. military ensures several but one very important protection: that the military never becomes supreme and usurps control over the government. Civilian control allows a nation to base its values and purposes, its institutions and practices, on the popular will rather than on the choices of military leaders, whose outlook by definition focuses on the need for internal order and external security.

But civilian control over the military has its downsides, too. Civilians failing to understand and respect the mission of the military can create problems which prevent the military from fulfilling its primary purpose: security and defense. Civilian authority must recognize its role is to keep the mission focused, responsive and capable.

When political correctness informs civilian control the consequences can be fatal. Suddenly the military mission itself is buried beneath the vagaries of a society that dilute and ultimately destroy military effectiveness. Such is the case in Australia. We should pay attention to what is starting to happen down under.

Elizabeth Broderick, the Sex Discrimination Commissioner for the Australian government, wants to temper the warrior culture that traditionally sees the most senior officers in army, navy and airforce come from backgrounds in combat or command. And she wants to open up more ”gateways” to the top Defence jobs from other areas within the military such as logistics, human services and health, where the 14 per cent of the ADF who are female tend to be clustered.

Temper the warrior culture?

Into what? The “can’t we all just get along” culture?

It is perfectly normal and acceptable to want to recruit more females into more roles in a military. But to do so in an attempt to “temper the warrior culture” bastardizes the role of the military. Discipline, training and cohesiveness are essential to an effective military operation. Tempering a warrior culture – softening or feminizing the warriors – will make a military less effective in doing what it is supposed to: aggressively defend and protect its nation and its citizens.

I want a military that is warrior-like. I want a military that is determined, cohesive, well-trained, focused and ready to give their lives for the protection of this Nation and our citizens.

I don’t want a military that is tempered.

Civilian control over the military is the only kind of tempering we need – control is exercised by civilians and execution is controlled by military.

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One Response to “Political Correctness And The Mission Of The Military”

  1. JW M #

    The ONLY purpose of the military is to kill people and break things in a violent manner.
    The threat of this is what makes diplomacy possible.
    When diplomacy fails this is what ends a threat to our country.
    The military is NOT a jobs program, any thing that interferes with the primary purpose of the military should not be tolerated.

    August 28, 2012 at 9:22 am