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First Buckyballs, Now Zen Magnets. Bureaucracy Run Amok.

I first wrote about the insanity of the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s attack on Buckyballs, which you can read here. Now, thanks to the reporting at Westword, we have the federal government attacking the latest danger to the American public, zen magnets:

In the wake of the mass shooting in Aurora a month ago, gun-control advocates in Colorado and across the country have upped the ante in pushing for stricter policies. And at the same time, some people in Denver are wondering why the federal government is trying to shut down a local business that sells a different kind of allegedly dangerous product.

Tiny magnet balls.

Read the full story here and pay close attention to this:

what hasn’t been reported is the relatively surprising fact that in the history of all administrative complaints by the CPSC, this could be the very first in which a company being targeted has no record of injuries.

As long as the government can shut you down because they fear something bad might happen, they can shut you down for any reason or no reason.

Tyranny in America, all in the name of safety.

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One Response to “First Buckyballs, Now Zen Magnets. Bureaucracy Run Amok.”

  1. Dustin #

    It’s a real shame. Especially considering all the amazing things ADULTS are creating/designing/building with them – http://dotpedia.com/

    August 24, 2012 at 12:55 pm