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Denali National Park Hiker Richard White And Reality

Photograph by John Eastcott and Yva Momatiuk

Black bears, grizzlies, Russian bears, polar bears all fascinate me. The story of Richard White’s demise in Denali National Park, the first human casualty by a bear in the park’s 90 year history, is a story of modern man’s separation from reality. As tragic as Mr. White’s story is, it offers some valuable lessons in more than just wilderness photography.

According to the Daily Mail Wildlife officials believe Richard White, a 49-year-old scientist from San Diego, California, simply got too close to the 600-pound predator as he photographed it grazing on Friday. For nearly eight minutes, the bear didn’t realize Mr White was there and continued foraging. The pictures on Mr White’s camera, which park rangers discovered after his death, show the last peaceful moments before the bear noticed him 40 yards away and charged. We know he got too close because:

A state trooper shot and killed the bear, a 5-year-old male grizzly on Saturday and investigators examined its stomach contents and to confirm it had killed Mr White.

What are the lessons?

These animals are wild animals. As gentle and calm as they may seem at times, they have incredible speed, strength and the ability to attack when they perceive a threat.

Carrying a whistle as your only defense is stupid. Period.

Expecting authorities or “someone else” to take care of you or protect you is ludicrous.

Little difference exists between the wilds of Denali National Park and the environs of modern life anywhere in the world.

In all seriousness, re-read the complete story of Richard White and think about modern society. Yes, we have all kinds of systems, processes, rules and regulations to protect us from the hazards of modern society.

But when the reality of the irritated and threatened grizzly confronts the unarmed, unaware, unsuspecting observer , the result is catastrophic.

Couldn’t we say the same thing for modern society? Denali and Chicago are not that far apart.

H/T Moonbattery.

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