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Corporal Todd Love

While the war in Afghanistan forgotten by the mainstream media in the United States, the British media at least covers some of our wounded warriors. This story from the United Kingdom’s Daily Mail is not only worth your reading time, it is worth contemplating the attitude and perseverance exemplified by Colonel Love.

Don’t just read the article, linked below, but watch the videos on the Daily Mail site.

Here is the link to the full article.

Here’s what he recently did. What did you do? (I was embarrassed to answer for myself):

Having lost both his legs and an arm in Afghanistan in 2010, this weekend Love took to Leesburg, Virginia, in an extreme endurance test called The Spartan Race with his eight-man other comrades of Team X.T.R.E.M.E.
Made up of wounded servicemen and women, the team helped Love scale eight-foot high walls, speed along high-wires, crawl through mud and bound across the ground as they honoured their ongoing mission to raise awareness of the nation’s wounded heroes.

God bless our troops.

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