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Vanity Fair & Daily Kos Hypocrisy Over Romney Records. Where’s Obama’s?

Barack Obama Speaking at CIA HQ in Langley

The August, 2012 edition of Vanity Fair is hitting the newsstands with an article entitled Where The Money Lives about Mitt Romney’s wealth, how he achieved it, whether he pays taxes on it, and basically blasting Romney’s personal and business success. Here is a collection of adjectives and phrases in the article about Mitt Romney:

gray areas
selective disclosures
deeply entangled
reticence to discuss
caped avoider
declined to provide
most opaque
mysteries arise

and after the second page I quit collecting these phrases. You get the drift.

I fully support the media’s investigation and curiosity about Mitt Romney’s wealth. I support the media’s investigation and curiosity about any person running for public office, particularly the office of the President of the United States. The more we know about our candidates the better informed decision we can make about who to vote for in any given election. I even agree with the Vanity Fair article when it says:

Come August, Romney, with an estimated net worth as high as $250 million (he won’t reveal the exact amount), will be one of the richest people ever to be nominated for president. Given his reticence to discuss his wealth, it’s only natural to wonder how he got it, how he invests it, and if he pays all his taxes on it.

That’s a fair question. Mitt Romney has inserted himself into the presidential campaign and with it comes the unwritten agreement that everything is fair and subject to research, investigation, inquiry, query, probing and dissecting.

I found the Vanity Fair article after being referred to the Daily Kos website about an entirely different matter. Their headline story today is No Smoking Gun But Plenty of Smoke. The article contains several phrases that, like the Vanity Fair article, make me furious:

If you haven’t already taken a look at Nicholas Shaxson’s Vanity Fair article on the murkiness surrounding Mitt Romney’s offshore finances, you can read it here. The article raises plenty of questions, but in the end it can’t answer them because Mitt Romney refuses to disclose any of his tax returns before 2010. Mitt Romney’s secrecy is a problem.

Just to recap the Daily Kos story:

plenty of questions
refuses to disclose
secrecy is a problem

I feel like I have fallen into a pit of hypocrisy Jell-O, unable to pull myself out despite my valiant attempts to grab the edges and pull myself up with all my strength, they hypocrisy Jell-O won’t let me out.

So while reading these two articles, I started compiling from various sources all of the records that Barack Obama has refused to disclose, hidden, or kept secret or which CBS, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, Fox News, CNN, and others have refused to investigate and report about the contents of those documents:

Columbia University transcripts
Columbia thesis paper
Campaign donor analysis requested by 7 major watchdog groups
Harvard University transcripts
Illinois State Senate records
Illinois State Senate schedule
Law practice client list and billing records/summary
Locations and names of all half-siblings and step-mother
Medical records (only the one page summary released so far)
Occidental College Transcripts
Parent’s marriage Certificate
Record of baptism
Selective Service registration records
Schedules for trips outside of the United States before 2007
Passport records for all passports
Scholarly articles
SAT and LSAT test scores
Access to his grandmother in Kenya
List of all campaign workers that are lobbyists
Punahou grade school records
Noelani Kindergarten records are oddly missing from the the State of Hawaii Department of Education.
Obama 1964 Divorce Papers – 13 Pages – Missing Pg 11
Why isn’t Barack Obama still a member of the Illinois bar and where are all of the relevant documents?
Why isn’t Michelle Obama still a member of the Illinois bar, after only about four years of practice, and where are all of the relevant documents?

I didn’t list the birth certificate because that has become an issue that in my opinion clouds the issue of disclosure of all these other documents. Obama has played the birth certificate issue masterfully, and made those who question it seem silly in the eyes of too many people. It may indeed be a legitimate issue, but it clouds the more overarching question of all these other documents and matters.

So, I simply ask, if all of Mitt Romney’s wealth and background are worthy of the Daily Kos and Vanity Fair inquiries, why aren’t all of these other issues about Barack Obama equally intriguing?

Tom Brokaw & Charlie Rose Admit Know Nothing... by GWHH19

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3 Responses to “Vanity Fair & Daily Kos Hypocrisy Over Romney Records. Where’s Obama’s?”

  1. Josh #

    The assertion from the Vanity fair article seems to be that Romney has gotten rich by using the power that his inheritance gave him to screw over middle and lower class people, then he hides the money doesn’t pay taxes on it. Really its a typical story of the financial elite in the world today.

    What is the assertion of the information that you guys want about Obama? Why do you folks want things like proof of baptism, do you think he is a Muslim? Why do you need to have his parents marriage certificate, do you suspect that he is an Kenyan, not American? Why do you need sat scores, do suspect that he is dumb and the only way he got into college is affirmative action? Who is asking these questions and why?

    Peter Boyle’s is a wrestling promoter, he is constantly using the ignorance of his audience to get ratings. Obama is the heel, and the lunatic fringe are the heroes. Personally I prefer Phil Hendrie, I think he provides a public value in that the morons who fall for his act find out by the end of the show, and learn to be more critical of what the man on the radio tells them. Boyle’s show is a combination of Orson Wells and Vince McMahon, its a great example of Darwinism, folks like, Vince McMahon, Alex Jones, and Peter Boyles have figured out how to make money from the innate moronic fears of the public.

    July 4, 2012 at 2:35 pm
  2. Geoff #

    Ha. I love these articles. Looney tea partiers must get together and write down anything and everything in a list that sounds “important”. Come on….university transcripts? Schedules for trips outside the united states before 2007?? Record of baptism??? OMG

    You are grasping at straws.

    July 9, 2012 at 6:39 am
    • Grasping at straws? I guess so because these straws are the same ones that Hillary Clinton requested during the campaign; and, which Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, George H.W. Bush, John Kerry, and virtually every candidate for the modern presidency has disclosed. All that is, except Barack Hussein Obama. BHO, the “most transparent administration in history” President has been instead the most secretive.

      July 9, 2012 at 7:44 pm