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The UN Arms Treaty & American Sovereignty. Mutually Exclusive.

Growing up in Western Oklahoma I would often drive from Guymon to Oklahoma City along Highway 3. Somewhere near the junction of Ellis, Harper and Woodward Counties along the highway was an old John Birch Society sign, hand painted and crafted, along the north side of the right of way. It was that typical sign you see like the one to the left, Get US out of the UN. Except I’m not sure, or at least I don’t recall, that this particular sign was directly attributed to the John Birch Society. But over the years I watched that sign steady deteriorate. I regret not having taken a photograph of it because, despite the extremism of the John Birch Society, it was first and foremost a replica of American individualism out near the edge of No Man’s Land and, today has special significance.

It probably is time to get us out of the United Nations, or at least tell them to take their international socialism, fascism and stupidity to some other country and quit taking up valuable real estate on the lower east side of Manhattan.

I have read and am constantly updated by friends and others who send me email about Agenda 21, the latest election of some tin horn dictator that murders his population yet was just elected to the UN Human Rights Council. Today’s stupidity is the election last Saturday of Iran to the UN’s Conference on the Arms Trade Treaty being held in New York. It began July 2 and runs through July 27. So an arch-enemy of Western Civilization, enemy of the United States and a nation determined to annihilate Israel, is on the arms trade treaty conference. Maybe they’re hoping to network with the lackeys of Assad and others who are murdering their populations. Maybe Iran wants to consult with the insurgents they’re supplying with arms to kill American soldiers.

So while this asinine behavior is tolerated at the United Nations, word comes that the Obama Administration is considering the Arms Trade Treaty. Everyone from local listeners to my radio program to Investors Business Daily contend this treaty would impinge on American constitutional rights and put us on another slippery slope to abolition of American sovereignty.

I doubt that seriously. My study of Constitutional law gives me no inkling that a UN treaty could supersede the 2nd Amendment. But, just like the Law of the Sea and other inane treaties the UN puts forth, it gives American enemies a platform to denigrate, attack and belittle American sovereignty.

Congress needs to rein in the Obama Administration and its capitulation to UN stupidity. In other words, Congress needs to get the US out of the UN and if that isn’t politically possible, it needs to get the UN out of the US. I think America’s interests would be better served if the United Nations and those terror-sponsoring dictatorships took their anti-US activities out of New York City and instead met in a more appropriate venue. Say, Damascus. Let Assad host the Iranians and their “arms treaty” negotiations.

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