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President Obama Lies Better Than Bill Clinton

I don’t mind negative ads in political campaigns. These ads are generally effective and help voters compare and contrast candidates and issues. What I do mind is the blatant lying by this President about almost anything and virtually everything. The truth is a foreign concept to him. When the President doesn’t lie he uses his words so well that anyone can read almost anything into whatever he says.
Watch the following clip from CNN where Anderson Cooper confronts Obama’s strategist David Axelrod about the President’ untruthfulness about a slew of positive campaign commercials being run by the Obama campaign:

Good for Anderson Cooper. Maybe the dismal ratings being suffered by CNN is causing them to exercise some real journalism.

Insofar as Axelrod and Obama are concerned, why even try to claim you’re not running negative ads? Nothing is wrong with negative ads as long as they’re truthful. Do you have to dissemble about everything?

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