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Media Fails Early On Colorado Theater Massacre

Grief at the Aurora, CO theater massacre. Photo: Associated Press

I just finished six straight hours of talk radio discussing the massacre of unsuspecting movie goers in Aurora, Colorado at midnight last night. David Sirota and I talked with callers about the grief, the tragedy, the politicization of the tragedy, and just about every other aspect of this case. We are still early in the investigative process. Many still face medical issues, still face funerals, and the public still has the on-going coverage of the investigation. The story will go on for weeks, months and longer.

But now that I’m back home, resting, contemplating all of the issues we’ve covered today, I choose to discuss this one. We did not talk about this on the radio program today, but I am so livid about this having now gotten home and had time to watch the video and read the various news sites and blogs – both left and right, conservative and liberal – that have covered the issue that I feel compelled to put it on my site.

The following is an example of the utter failure of the news media in this country. They are an abysmal disgrace to journalism. I conduct a radio talk show. It is an opinion show. And while we use facts, statistics, opinions, and all sorts of sources, we are the end of the day an opinion show – your opinion, my opinion, David’s opinion.

When I turn on the news stations, I expect news. Facts. Not analysis. Not opinion. Not bias. Facts. Reporting.

ABC and Brian Ross were utter failures this morning.

One example of the “bipartisan” outrage at their journalistic failure comes from Gawker. In a story titled America’s Wrongest Reporter, ABC News’ Brian Ross, Demonstrates Yet Again How He Earned the Title [UPDATED] John Cook writes:

When there’s breaking news, especially about terrorism and national security, ABC News’ Brian Ross is there. And under no circumstances should you listen to anything he says. His latest breathtakingly reckless report: Some Tea Party guy on the internet has the same name as the Dark Knight Rises shooter, so, you know, they have the same name. So there you go. Tea Party.

Brian Ross was factually wrong. The shooter was not a member of the Tea Party. The person by the same name who is a member of the Tea Party has had to shut off his phone because of death threats.

But why is the membership (or in this case non-membership) in the Tea Party even a part of the story? Watch the video below. George Stephanopoulos even asks Ross a leading question about something “important” as the lead-in to the erroneous Tea Party membership:

Biased. Ignorant. Sloppy and incompetent research by an “investigative” reporter. Shameful. Inexcusable.

Gawker is correct. Why would anyone watch ABC News?

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2 Responses to “Media Fails Early On Colorado Theater Massacre”

  1. Vic Mangino #

    I thought the same thing when I heard him talking about this guy that just happened to have the same name. With nothing but his own ignorance, he blurts out this guy’s name and his association with the tea party. It’s no wonder he’s getting death threats. My first thought was that if I were this guy I’d be contacting my attorney…I smell a lawsuit in the air. It will be a long time before this unfortunate guy can disassociate himself from this horrible tragedy. You’re absolutely right, an utter failure on the part of Brian Ross and ABC News. Great catch, and hopefully the media will learn that it’s OK to stop talking once you’ve stated all the facts that are known about a situation without endlessly repeating themselves, adding their own personal comments and the worst offense, basically making the news up as they go along. I understand reporting live is difficult and the station wants you on the air as long as possible, but this was such a stretch that if I were this gentleman I would definitely find out what my legal options were. What a mess!

    July 21, 2012 at 4:50 am
  2. dave king #

    Dear Mr. Brown we can pray all we want for the victims but you know as wall as i do that the media is in and will do any thing for p.o.t.u.s. and gun control…… some thing to think about is…
    1 how does a 24 yr. old kid lean how to make bombs that the bomb squad chief as not seen before and needs government experts to help defuse them…..he got training some where and help
    2 how does information just suddenly appear on web sites on some one you does not have friends no crimanil history……..a strait a, student possibly deans list and honers student.
    3 where did he get his funding to buy all this stuff ?????? AR15 2,000 dollars 8 to a 1000 apiece for the glocks 400 dollars per 1000 rounds on all calibers let alone the body armor….thats if he was unemployed also if he is a student why is he getting unemployment ………it does not add up where does he get the tear gas or flash grenades they don’t sell those at army surplus why did he surrender ??? and give details about his apt?????

    i believe this is another sad attempt to get gun control and this is a set up lets face it the vote on the un treaty is in two weeks for Barak and hillary to give our rights to the U.N. and render the U.S.A . useless around the world
    if you like speaking Arabic Russian or Chinese by all means look the other way

    Fast an furious did not work the Trayvon Martin did not work ,Gabby giffords did not work they are hopping this will its also a way distract from the unemployment numbers that came out and he sees that the attack ads are not working ……this little man is a calculating animal and will do any thing to stay in power an distroy America….. i.e. the second coming of a dictator like Hitler………i do not use this word lightly……Barak Hussain Obama look at his up bringing and back ground and the people who influenced him …and the ones he surrounds him self with look and do your owen research …… then think

    July 21, 2012 at 2:26 pm