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American Society Breaking Down On The Bus: The Bullying of Karen Huff Klein

Visceral: relating to deep inward feelings rather than to the intellect. This is my reaction to the following video, which in just a couple of days has received more than 1 million views. Unfortunately, I want you to watch it, too. Little snippets of American society show that we continue to degenerate into something not quite as perfect as the Norman Rockwell depictions, but closer to something you’d see in a science fiction movie of the future where there is no respect for life, liberty or privacy.

Don’t get me wrong – I know that a subset of society, including children, have always been rude, crude and obnoxious. Those will always be around. What I find astounding is the degree to which political correctness, fear of litigation, concern over confrontation, and whatever mental, legal or societal barriers exist, prevent us from confronting on-the-spot this kind of completely unacceptable behavior, especially by rug rats that have no moral direction or boundaries being established at home or in school.

Teachers, parents, neighbors, and others willing to stand up and stop this kind of behavior. As I watch Mrs. Klein suffer the abuse she takes on this bus, I not only want to slap those kids for their behavior, but a part of me also wants to say to her to stop taking this abuse. Stand up. Stop the bus. Parade those kids off the bus, call their parents, call the school, and tell them the bus won’t go another inch until this stops.

But alas, her personality, coupled with the political correctness of the day that allows such behavior to persist, prevents her from doing so.

Already Fox News and others have picked up this story and the incredible outpouring of financial, moral and other support Mrs. Klein is receiving from the public. This shows that while the power of the Internet brings us the disgusting behavior of these punks, it also shows how quickly we can rally around to help those who were unable or unwilling to fend for themselves.

Visceral. My reaction as visceral as though I had witnessed child or animal abuse. I just don’t take it very well.

Warning, the language is graphic (yes, even those punk little rug rats are talking like seasoned sailors on shore leave).

Many have commented that these kids will one day have a horrible sense of guilt when they see what they have done. I can only hope so. My greater fear is that by the time some of these kids grow up their behavior from today will be even more engrained and a part of their personality, furthering the coarsening of American society.

The breakdown of the family structure is on full view whether we like it or not.

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