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We Are Suicidal. Why Do We Do This?

This story epitomizes our flaccid border and immigration policy. It also shows the way we thumb our noses at every law-abiding American citizen who tries to follow the rules, be a good citizen, and worries about the future of this great nation. This is the kind of story that just makes me angrier every time I read it – just a simple story of one man. One man who happens to be the uncle of the President of the United States.

The Boston Herald writes:

President Obama’s illegal-alien uncle is once again a fully legal Massachusetts driver, reclaiming his license this afternoon after serving a 45-day suspension he agreed to as part of a plea deal in a drunken-driving rap.

Onyango Obama, 67, walked into the Registry of Motor Vehicles’ Worcester branch about 2:30 this afternoon and walked out moments later with a new license, according to RMV spokeswoman Sara Lavoie. Obama had been driving for about a month and a half on a hardship license, which allowed him to get behind the wheel only during certain hours.

The story says Massachusetts law “allows” the reinstatement of the license and the lifting of the hardship restrictions. The story does not say the law “requires” him to receive any special consideration. This is unequivocally “special” consideration because the man is an illegal alien in the United States of America in violation of immigration law. Period.

I’m going to walk into a state DMV tomorrow and try to get a drivers license with no social security card or other government identification showing me to be a U.S. citizen. Do you think this law abiding natural born American citizen is going to get any special consideration? Hell no.

This isn’t some recent case. The Herald reports that Obama has held a Massachusetts license since at least the early 1990. The newspaper says the RMV does not check immigration status and Obama did have a valid Social Security number as required [emphasis mine].

The President of the United States has to know about this situation. He condones the behavior by not denouncing it and the lapdog mainstream media is as guilty as the POTUS himself.

Meanwhile, Hezzbolah and Hamas continue to grow in South America and Mexico and Janet Napolitano continues to assure us that border security is better than ever. Dr. Kevorkian must be back running the asylum.

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One Response to “We Are Suicidal. Why Do We Do This?”

  1. JW M #

    The special privilege available to our leaders and the total disregard to the desires of the LEGAL voting public are spelling the end of our country.
    I just hope that when-if there is a reincarnation of our country that those people learn from our mistakes.

    May 29, 2012 at 11:10 am