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Radical Islam and the Invasion of the United Kingdom

Tonight Trevor Loudon appeared in the last hour of the radio program. You can listen to our conversation here. One of the ways that the United States can be “fundamentally transformed” is through the infiltration of radical Islamists and Sharia law. Progressives often point to European countries as models for the United States to follow when it comes to social policies and reforms. So, in that vein, let’s look at what one person found when they returned to their home in the United Kingdom to see if extremism vis-a-vis radical Islam had fundamentally transformed her community.

Are we paying attention?

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One Response to “Radical Islam and the Invasion of the United Kingdom”

  1. David Forward #

    While I shouldn’t be, I’m astounded at only the sound of crickets chirping to break the self-imposed silence of the effete lamestream media in face of this type of provocative demonstrations by followers of Islam. Yet, it’s getting to a point that if a Christian wears a symbol of their faith, e.g., a cross in public they’re excoriated for ramming their religion down the throats of others.

    I’m not worried about Christianity or Judaism as we have survived all forms of deadly public prosecution and actions for centuries and will prevail once again. However, I weep for the lack of tolerance and true diversity both the self appointed societal guardians and self anointed governing elites allow in actuality while publicly pontificating for their own version of such qualities — unless it fits their current narrative develop for their own political expediency (as the false god of Islamaphobia does) they move swiftly to control public discourse.

    The fabric of our society is no longer just fraying at the edges, it’s being eviscerated from stem to stern. I fear the gallows humor of a zombie uprising may not be totally without foundation in fact.

    April 5, 2012 at 7:59 am