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Political Correctness, Strangled Logic, Double Standards

HBO Comedian and Talk Show Host Bill Maher

Caution, this entry contains language that may be offensive to some, and should be offensive to others.

It’s been a wild couple of weeks for political hypocrisy, political correctness, double standards, twisted logic and out-and-out baloney.

You may recall that Rush Limbaugh obliquely referred to Sandra Fluke as a slut. The left went ballistic, creating an all-out war to oust Limbaugh from his syndicated radio program. Apparently, when you say something that is politically incorrect or impolitic, the response from the left is to censure that speech, not accept it, argue it. Why resort to counter arguments when you can just shut them down? Apparently the left has failed with respect to Limbaugh.

Bill Maher of HBO has consistently referred to Sarah Palin as a cunt, and no attempt is made to shut him down or have him removed from HBO. Frankly, while I believe both men can say and do as they please, subject only to their employers’ standards, the words “cunt” and “slut” are in entirely different categories. Cunt is defined as a vulgar noun or vulgar slang referring to a woman’s genitals. Slut is defined not as vulgar, but only as a noun for a slovenly or promiscuous woman. I think you see the different. Vulgarity applies to one, not the other. Yet, both men have the right to speak as they please, although I find one more offensive than the other. In my opinion, slut is a legitimate word and cunt is a vulgarity.

When Bill Maher agreed to give $1 million to President Obama’s SuperPac, I assumed Obama would return the money after the flap over Limbaugh occurred. It seemed the right thing to do. It would be taking the high road. It would put him above the fray. It would show he had more class.

I was wrong.

In an interview to air on CNN’s “Out Front with Erin Burnett” today, David Axelrod – a senior adviser to President Barack Obama’s campaign – argues that sexist comments made by radio host Rush Limbaugh and comedian Bill Maher are both distasteful but should be understood differently.

Differently? On what basis? If there is a difference, it is that Maher was vulgar, Limbaugh was technically correct. But Axelrod shows that no logical distinction exists. Instead, he offers a convoluted and twisted logic to why Maher can say what he does but Limbaugh cannot. I will give Erin Burnett some credit. She at least tries to point out the inconsistency, even though Axelrod never gives up. Watch for yourself:

Maher and Limbaugh are both entertainers. One is a talk show host on television and one is a talk show host on the radio. They both talk about politics. They both influence their viewers and listeners. No difference exists, except that Maher is a liberal and Limbaugh a conservative.

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One Response to “Political Correctness, Strangled Logic, Double Standards”

  1. Matt #

    Any word can be used in a hurtful way, just ask a DI in the USMC! My Dad always told me that his DI could tear him down with out using one inappropriate word. Its all about the tone and the way a word is used, I happened to be listening to Rush that day and I could see it being taken that way by anyone who has not listen to Rush or just want to twist his words around like the mainstream media likes todo. After all the hoopla that fallowed and Rush apologizing, I understood why he did but I felt let down at the same time. Is it wrong that I felt that way, I don’t think so. Sometimes Rush just comes off like a shock jock to some and thats just how they see him, unfortunately I think the majority of society now a days sees him in that light. How about when it came out Rush was addicted to pain meds, the mainstream media just tried everything they could do to demonize a failing that happens to a lot of people now a days. Most celebrities get a pass their first time something like that happens, but anyone who goes against the “normal” flow in the slightest way gets a swift kick to the curb instead of understanding.

    As for Bill, Nothing will happen to him to make him back down or apologize even when it is clearly pointed out to him and the rest of the world that he is in the wrong. I could be wrong since I have only watched his show once and could not stand to watch it again. He offended me in so many ways I just refuse to watch him. This could be a bad comparison but in my book he is as bad a Jane Fonda!

    To sum it up fallow the golden rule, all though I feel like most of the time it is only Treat me as I want to be treated and to “heck” with how you feel.

    March 16, 2012 at 7:30 pm