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Mayors Against Illegal Guns: The Insanity Of Gun Control

During the Superbowl on Sunday Mayors Against Illegal Guns ran a commercial promoting their agenda of radical gun control Mayor Bloomberg had gone on Meet the Press Sunday to push the same agenda with one of the most shameless arguments and illogical reasons in the same breath that I’ve heard in a long, long time. During the MTP interview Bloomberg said:

You’d think that if a congresswoman got shot in the head, that would have changed Congress’ views. I can tell you how to change it, just get Congress to come with me to the hospital when I’ve got tell somebody that their son or daughter, their spouse, their parent is not going to come home again. This past, this week, even though the murder rate in New York is so much lower than almost every big city, we still had a cop shot last week with a gun that somebody had even though the federal laws prohibited that person from having a gun.

So now we’re going to use the Gabby Giffords’ shooting to argue for gun control. Apparently it is a great thing she got shot because now that a congresswoman has gotten shot well, we must do something. Exploitation of crime and tragedy is nothing new to shameless, progressive liberals like Bloomberg, but this is really over the top. But his argument was mind-numbing when he continued to argue that people committed crimes with guns “even though the federal laws prohibited that person from having a gun”.

What? You mean somebody that wasn’t supposed to have a gun had a gun and they committed a crime with that gun?

Could it be possible that criminals are going to get guns regardless of how many laws we enact prohibiting them from possessing guns? Let’s face it, gun control advocates aren’t against guns, they for control. They want to control more and more of the population and prohibit ordinary Americans from exercising their Constitutional right to keep and bear arms. Limit one Constitutional right and you’re on the road to limiting others. It’s the liberals’ slippery slope that they’re always afraid of when it comes to something they want to preserve.

Think tanks like Think Progress find the Mayor’s illogical statement compelling enough to put it on their website:

If the Mayor’s pre-Superbowl antics weren’t enough, here’s the commercial that ran during the game Sunday:

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One Response to “Mayors Against Illegal Guns: The Insanity Of Gun Control”

  1. Richard Brandsma #

    These Mayors have their heads stuck in the sand! The way to control the unruly is to arm America.

    February 6, 2012 at 6:21 pm