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Boys Will Be Boys, Unless They’re Girls, Or Girls Will Be…Oh, Never Mind. Pass The Thin Mints.

What are you? I am a husband, father, son, brother, cousin, man, male, middle-age, Caucasian and part Indian (oops, Native American), Republican, Libertarian, conservative, dog-lover (and owner) and ad infinitum. You are as many if not more things, too.

I’ve been confused. But I never wanted to be a girl, or a woman, or a female. I know some people who have, and that’s fine. They may still want to be a different gender than they are now, and that’s fine. They’ll figure it out, or not.

Can you imagine if today I decided I wanted to attend a meeting of abused wives, or abused women, or women in therapy who have been raped? You might call the latter absurd, but what if I was a man who had been raped and wanted to attend a session for women because I’ve thought I wanted to be a woman? Keep in mind, I’m over the age of 18, the legal age of majority in most jurisdictions. What do you think would be the response or objections if I wanted to attend any of those sessions, or even a session of the Junior League of Denver? I think you’d think I was nuts.

Why should any of those organizations bend to accommodate my confusion, or ambivalence or desire to be something other than what society sees me, as a male?

That is what is happening to the Girl Scouts. Children under the age of 18 are being subjected to other children under the age of 18 who have decided that the binary definition of gender, male or female, doesn’t fit them or, they want to go to the other binary, male to female or female to male. If they were over the age of 18 I wouldn’t have a squabble with this, but these are children, and as confused as they may be, should not impose their confusion or ambivalence or desire on those who suffer from no such confusion, ambivalence or desire. Apparently one boy girl transgender-want-to-be desires to go to the Girl Scouts.

Why should the Girl Scouts accommodate this? It is the liberal mentality that says there can be no barriers, no limits, no boundaries, no judgment. Only whatever the individual wants and other individuals, organizations or groups, well, too bad. Watch these two competing videos, both of which seem to me contrived and a little staged for kids of their age. Bottom line, Girl Scouts ought not capitulate to political correctness or fear of being ostracized, but instead stand on their principles and suggest that those who are pre-transgendered simply find another organization, or create one of their own.

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One Response to “Boys Will Be Boys, Unless They’re Girls, Or Girls Will Be…Oh, Never Mind. Pass The Thin Mints.”

  1. Norm Mack #

    I know you are on this subject about “Transgender”, “You know we always wanted to be a Brownie’. lol

    January 17, 2012 at 8:24 pm