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TSA + Military Passengers + Political Correctness = A Bad Mix

Imagine being active duty military, traveling to or from Afghanistan or any other place, and as you go through a civilian airport you’re told each time to remove these boots. It is utter insanity. I’ve never understood why active duty military personnel are required to go through airport security. Recent legislation approved by Congress gives the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) six months to devise a preference system for the armed forces. According to the Associated Press the legislation envisions troops not having to remove boots, belt buckles, bulky military jackets and medals. Troops could go to the front of the line, or a separate line could be created.

Sounds good to me.

Until I start thinking about this nut job and the people in the Department of Defense who were so concerned about political correctness and their fear of offending someone that he moved through the ranks to the point he was able to walk unimpeded onto Fort Hood and massacre American civilians and soldiers:

This is United States Army Major Nidal Hasan. Prior to the shooting at Fort Hood, Hasan had expressed extremist views which had been brought to the attention of his superiors and the F.B.I. Hasan was discovered to have exchanged emails with Imam Anwar al-Awlaki asking for spiritual guidance regarding violence. Al-Awlaki has since been linked to other attacks by radical Muslims, and he quickly blessed the Fort Hood operation because it was against a military target. Al-Qaeda spokesman Adam Gadahn also praised the “Mujahid brother” as a “pioneer, a trailblazer and a role-model.” The attack was described by a Senate report as “the worst terrorist attack on U.S. soil since September 11, 2001.”

The worst terrorist attack on U.S. soil since September 11, 2001, yet the Obama Administration has classified this terrorist attack not as terrorism, but as simple workplace violence. So if we’re not willing to recognize terrorism as terrorism, nor willing to report genuinely suspicious behavior within the culture of the Department of Defense, then I’m not so certain I want the likes of Major Hassan boarding civilian airliners without at least going through the kabuki security offered by TSA.

If TSA proceeds with a simplified security procedure for active duty military, then the DoD must rid itself of the political correctness that has so invaded its culture. Political correctness in this respect could ultimately prove deadly, particularly when we’re not even willing to recognize this terrorist event as a terrorist event.

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2 Responses to “TSA + Military Passengers + Political Correctness = A Bad Mix”

  1. David Forward #

    No, it’s definitely better to keep the US a military police state for it’s own good. After all, a bird held safe and secure in a plain steel cage is definitely worse off than the bird held in a gilded cage…we all know that Franklin was full of hot air when he said,”They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

    December 21, 2011 at 8:32 pm
  2. Liz Gober #

    Prior to Desert Storm, the Army wouldn’t allow soldiers to travel in Battle Dress/fatigues. Soldiers had to limit their stops in Battle Dress when they left work on post for home. I was part of an Army Reserve Inspection team. We would fly to a unit in civilian attire, change into Battle Dress to do the inspection (visitors must be in the same class uniform as the unit visited) and change back into civilian attire before going back to the airport. Taking boots and belts off for TSA is a bit less than what the Army used to make us do for PR, I guess.

    December 29, 2011 at 5:07 pm