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The Hypocritical New York Times

The New York Times reached a new low in political hypocrisy, or a new high in liberal bias, this week when its editor, Bill Keller, wrote a piece saying it was time to start asking presidential candidates tougher questions about their religion. He wrote in part:

And I care a lot if a candidate is going to be a Trojan horse for a sect that believes it has divine instructions on how we should be governed.

So this season I’m paying closer attention to what the candidates say about their faith and what they have said in the past that they may have decided to play down in the quest for mainstream respectability.

Really? When did you have this epiphany? The New York Times certainly never felt this way when Barack Obama was running for President and his ties to the Reverend Jeremiah Wright came to light. Anyway, the blogosphere is all over this one, and I can’t really add anything new or more enlightening than what has already been written. Here are links to the three best articles, including questions the New York Times might want to pose to Barack Obama about his religion. I would read them in the order they’re listed as they build on each other’s previous articles:

1. Bill Keller of the NYT: I Demand the Media Closely Question Barack Obama About The Depths of His Purported Christian Faith, The Influences He May Have Received While in a Religious School in Indonesia, and His Beliefs About Rev. Wright’s Conception of God.

2. Darn it, we need to question these Republicans more vigorously about their faith.

3. For Bill Keller: A Score of Religious Questions for President Obama

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