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The Risks and Benefits of Living in a Free Society: Police Officers Behaving Perfectly. Thank You Matt Lyons!

Madison McNamara thanks Oceanside Police Officer Matt “Chowda” Lyons along with Marissa McNamara after the officer read the youngsters a story as part of a book drive project.

The Denver Channel (7 News) is carrying a story that has unfortunately made the Drudge Report today. The headline is Police Seek Robbers in Baseball Bat Beatings. Apparently the Denver Police Department is trying to identify a gang of men who are beating couples with baseball bats and robbing them in downtown Denver. After people leave restaurants, clubs and bars in downtown Denver when they close, a gang of thugs are attacking these couples as they head to their cars or home. The DPD describe the attackers as “four to five black men, ages 18 to 21 years.” Imagine leaving a fun evening downtown in a pub or restaurant and being confronted by these thugs. What would you do?

The Second Amendment, in addition to protecting us from a tyrannical government, is meant to allow us to protect ourselves from thugs like these. But many in this country are fearful of the 2nd Amendment, have an irrational fear of firearms, and believe that the solution to crime is more gun control. That is insanity. But as with everything in life, there are risks and benefits to living in a free society. For example, I am free to openly carry a firearm, and with government permission (which I disagree with) am permitted to carry a concealed weapon. But carrying a firearm brings great responsibility, both on my part and those around me, including law enforcement officers.

A video is circulating the Internet today about a rogue cop that threatens to “execute” a citizen who is properly and lawfully carrying a concealed weapon. I will not post that video, but if you choose, you can watch it here. In my opinion the officers act irresponsibility, fail to comply with basic rules of safety when making a traffic stop (including the most outrageous of all – they search the backseat of the vehicle while the driver remains behind the wheel – absurd). This is one of the risks of living in a free society – occasionally law enforcement will act improperly and violate not only their code of conduct but basic constitutional principles as well. I pity the citizen in this video for having had this encounter.


One of the benefits of living in a free society are law enforcement officers like Matt Lyons of the Oceanside, California Police Department. Apparently there is a gadfly in their community that likes to videotape encounters with police officers. He has his own YouTube channel – which I will not link to as I don’t want to give him any extra publicity. But, in one of his attempts to find wrongdoing by the police, he videotapes an encounter with Matt Lyons (this video is more than a year old, and I wish I had seen it long before now). The Blaze recently included the video on one of their blog entries. Watch this and see one of the benefits of living in a free and open society:

Matt Lyons, Badge No. 1093, is a 22-year veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps. God bless him for that and for his service as a cop.

Now, one of the risks living in a free society is that people like LackeyJack (the person with the gun) could, indeed, be some nutjob that later tries to kill someone. I don’t think so, but that is the risk we face. It is a risk that I am willing to take and live with because we simply cannot live in a risk-free society (despite attempts by liberals to create one).

Back to the Denver baseball bat beatings. These beatings are why people should learn to use firearms. Even if you decide that open-carry or conceal-carry is not for you, at least you have learned basic gun usage and safety. While I don’t wish these four thugs death-by-citizen, nonetheless when scumbags like them learn that it is not necessarily easy to take baseball bats to innocent bystanders, word will spread not to do so. And even if gangs begin to arm themselves, I would rather see citizens able to defend themselves, and thugs get a little street justice, than to see the liberals limit our ability to defend ourselves.

The bottom line is, police do the best they can most of the time. We need to take responsibility for our own safety and welfare, recognizing there are 308 million U.S. citizens and limited number of cops. They can’t be everywhere all the time. Taking responsibility for our own safety also comes with risk, but it is a risk that comes with living in a free and open society. The more we lose sight of our own responsibility, and the more we abdicate that responsibility to the government, the less free and open our society becomes.

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